About Us

We are Deco Builders, experienced artisans who operate a responsible renovations firm. We don’t appreciate hidden costs, irresponsible contractors and results that deviate far from what was projected, and we’re sure that you don’t either. Our knowledgeable craftsmen keep constant contact with our clients, keeping them up to date with progress and the options available to them. Our greatest joy is turning each unique render into reality.


Joven Tan is a tenured electrical expert and passionate builder. He has been making things with his hand, from 2006, since he can remember which naturally led him to set up his boutique renovations firm in 2010. He particularly enjoys exploring various materials and explaining each material’s aesthetic and mechanical effects to his clients. With his vast knowledge, he has brought attention to details that people normally not consider it and transform space into a conducive environment. Joven believes in taking the ownership in every project, as he shares the same bonds with the clients to build the project together. Work closely with clients to identify the clients’ expectations. Therefore his working style is collaborative and informative to cater a high quality standards environment.

The Team

Over the years, we have endeavoured to assemble an elite team – artisans and builders whose passion they do not calibrate by the number of hours or amount of effort, but by the beauty of its fruit. Today, Deco Builders is fortunate to comprise of gifted individuals who take pride in the smooth sailing of each project. Our designers, project managers and operations specialists tap on their vast range of proficiencies when fulfilling each client’s whim and fancy. Our key to success with our myriad of previous residential and commercial projects, constant and open communication with the customer. We believe in empowering the client, because only then can you make the most informed decisions for your project’s procedures, materials and aesthetic styles. Here’s to more dreams coming true.

Our Valued Clients