Interior Design

Commercial interior designing that includes conceptual development, communicating with the stakeholders of a project and execution of the design. Professionals in Visual and Spatial Branding that is, the use of space as a medium to express the Corporate Brand.

Project Management

Expert commercial project managerial skill sets in coordinating the efforts of different team members involved in various industries with engineers, technicians and designers in the project.

Space Management

We work with top-quality materials and complement with good design to produce space-conducive environments with an effective commercial purpose. We have designed properties within the commercial, retail and hospitality sectors, as well as living spaces and exhibitions.

Drywall and Ceiling Installation

Will update you soon!

Maintenance Repair

We offer a variety of maintenance and repair services. Whether you need a fully-staffed, on-site commercial property maintenance team, or a small property network solution leveraging our service teams, we have the right solution for your building maintenance needs.

Electrical Engineering

Our service team of professionals are equipped with the knowledge and skill to design and troubleshoot industrial and commercial power systems for your premises.