Hear them what they have to say...

Deco Builders, have always been very helpful and focused on solving problems for the customers and not being part of the problem. It is easy to accept a project and then give the customer lots of excuses and blame others for any hiccup that comes up, but Deco Builders have done an excellent job of:

1) Working within a set budget

2) Moving to resolve issues quickly

3) Go out of their way to ensure satisfaction & fulfilment

I have recommended them to friends and family alike, and will continue to do so.

Home Owner Val and Claire

“We would like to personally thank Deco Builders for talking us through the very exciting journey of building our new home. Deadlines were met and work was carried out according to schedule, and in a most professional way. The quality built into our house reflects the character and workmanship of Deco Builders’ employees. We are pleased to vouch that their work ethic is of the highest standard. From our initial meeting with your sales staff, to negotiations, contracts, structural design, interior design, construction, closing, and now follow-up work after moving in; my expectations have been exceeded. As proud owners of a new home, we are very happy with our decision to have appointed Deco Builders as our personal contractor. We definitely recommend Deco Builders to anyone looking to build their dream home. Thank you Deco Builders!”

Home Owner Shaun and Paige

Deco Builders manage to develop the renovation which I am please with, as I wanted a minimalist design that look like an art gallery. The people is very understanding and cooperative with the design I am looking for. On top of that, the workmanship is remarkably sophisticated that comes with a reasonable cost.

Home Owner Ang Ah Tee and Family

Professional and honest contractor with the customer interest at heart. Meticulous in the project handling and communicated professionally. Extremely accommodating to various unpredictable situation during the project. Based on the prudent and quality design, cabled with your sincerity in serving Christie, the choice is obvious.

Christie Digtal Johnathan Lim

From the start we felt it very easy to communicate with Mr Joven Tan. He was always willing to listen to what our needs were and also somehow knew what we meant when we gave certain ideas. The vision of our signboard in the clinic was almost exactly what we had in mind! Joven was always available to exchange ideas and communicate changes during the project. Even late at night when we needed something to discuss, he would always not hesitate to give us a call back to see what we needed. At every stage, he would always check to see if everything was fine. From the planning, to design, to the actual work and right up to post-­completion service. The schedule was pretty much kept to what was promised, and that satisfied us very much! The organization and site management was excellent. All ideas were communicated to the workers and subcontracted personnel properly. Even the workers themselves were very easy to work with and would accomplish their tasks happily and without question. I could trust the workers to do the work on their own without the need for being around to monitor what they were doing.The post project completion service is also fantastic as touch up jobs were always carried out without question and done up very well. Up to this day, Joven still asks if everything is fine. I would heartily recommend to my friends who need construction or renovation work done to strongly consider DECOBUILDERS. As mentioned earlier, the ideas given were always fresh and up to date. Joven knows what’s best for the job and he carries it out with good speed and service. You really can’t go wrong!

LQ Dental Dr Darren C Lee